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Our astrological bio-resonance analysis offers a unique and personalized approach to health by analyzing the energetic imbalances within the body based on astrological principles. This non-invasive method allows us to identify and address potential health issues at their root, leading to a more holistic and effective approach to wellness.


By utilizing the latest technology in bio-resonance testing, we are able to provide our clients with a comprehensive report that outlines their energetic imbalances and offers personalized recommendations for improving their overall well-being. Whether you are looking to address specific health concerns or simply want to optimize your wellness, our astrological bio-resonance analysis can provide invaluable insights and unpresidentend guidance.


We are excited to offer this innovative service as part of our commitment to helping individuals achieve better health and harmony in their lives.


Our tests provide clear results, easy to implement advice and enables anyone to take control of their own health in a way that is quick, simple and affordable. Take your health journey to the next step!


  1. Once a purchase has been made, access the booking section to book a suitable appointment to conduct the first astrological analysis. The aim is to gather information regarding your health concerns or goals. This will be discussed in detail and a secure one time access code will be sent via email for you to access the online portal to register your test and send your sample to the lab!
  2. Follow the insructions on screen to print the test label which can be attached to your envolope for posting.
  3. The test requires a few strands of hair pulled from the root. Place them in a ziplock bag, then into the envelope before sealing. It is advised you send this sample using a tracking or signed for service.
  4. Once the results are back, we will then have a second astrological consutation to discuss any findings.




Any health or medical concerns should be discussed with your GP or specialist consultant and astrological bio-resonace testing should not be used as a medical diagnostic tool. HR Astrology Services does not take any responsibility for the action taken by the client following results.


Included in the test:

  • Food sensitivity analysis
  • Vegan food sensitivity analysis
  • Non-food sensitivities
  • Metal Toxicities
  • Minerals and Nutrient analysis
  • Vitamin A-K analysis
  • Additive analysis
  • Hormonal imbalance analysis
  • Gut health analysis
  • Digestion analysis


You'll also receive:

  • A FREE Elimination Diet Guide
  • A FREE Food Diary Template




Astrological Bio-resonance Analysis

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