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Wed, 08 May



Behind the Veil - Moon'thly cycles!

JOIN ME FOR THE VERY FIRST HR Astrology Services series.......🥁🥁🥁 "BEHIND THE VEIL" 🌖 - A look at the moon'thly cycles! (Registration only!) 🥳 🪐🔮🥳 🪐🔮🥳

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Behind the Veil - Moon'thly cycles!
Behind the Veil - Moon'thly cycles!

Time & Location

08 May 2024, 19:00 – 20:30 BST


About the event

JOIN ME FOR THE VERY FIRST HR Astrology Services series.......🥁🥁🥁  "BEHIND THE VEIL" 🌖 - A look at the moon'thly cycles! (Registration only!)  

🥳 🪐🔮🥳 🪐🔮🥳  

BEHIND THE VEIL is a FREE PRIVATE Platform for seekers of divine truth - that REALLY want to sink deep into the ebbs and flows of the universe and how the maternal mother principle ripples through us all, waxing and waning consistently each month to help grow, nourish and develop us on an intimate soulful level.

 This is THE place for #mycollective 👊 💯 - the real ones!! The spiritual warriors - the overcomers - the defeated and the still up and coming! The ones that are not afraid to face their shadows and do the work required to elevate and ascend toward their best selves.  Healing isn't always about love, light and forgiveness - sometimes it's about kickin' ass and delivering karma unto those that have wronged you by divine law and being guided by source as a vessel rightfully and willfully! And to be honest MY spiritual purpose as Astrology has kindly pinpointed for me - IS helping others to develop strength and endurance as they navigate through the dark night of the soul, to find their reason to live and breath and keep pushing through - even when there doesn't seem as though there is any. 

You🫵 come here when you've got nowhere else to go, and no one else to ask and you need some tough love, a wink or a slap on the back!!   If there's anything that I know much about in life - it's trauma. For many years i've been in a state of deep healing - mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. I've lived through things most overs couldn't imagine. 

Of course I will be sharing my own past experiences and views on 'life' which will hopefully highlight and showcase WHY i'm so convinced that this IS the only way to self heal.  It starts HERE!... 🎖There is NO manifestation without action!! - if this webinar description speaks to you - tap in - tune in - try it on for size. 

It's FREE to register and there's a private chat function so interaction is encouraged but not necessary, no pressure... 😉   

No one is immune to the divine laws of nature - That being said you CAN work with them rather than against them!! There is 🚫 NO GATEKEEPING on my platform, just spiritual truths ⚔ and any messages that are revealed are meant to find their recipient respectively. I travel the cosmos 🪐 to deliver unto you messages from your higher self🙏ancestors and spirit guides 🪽.  

Yes - you have spirit guides too!! 🙄😁 

Choose the path of least resistance, it's not as difficult as you think.  

This is really what i've been trying to create for a while now - A private platform for those wanting to KNOW and DO better! This isn't like anything you'll read in a book - it's Astrology in motion - magick in REAL LIFE - through a LIVED experience.   

You can't play the game of life...if you don't understand its rules.....need I say more🤷 #getinvolved   

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